Castro Valley’s Teacher of the Year Selected as Alameda County Teacher of the Year! Congratulations, Joshua Theo Wheeler!

Joshua Wheeler is an exceptional English teacher at Redwood High School who pushes students to high levels of achievement while supporting their individual needs. Mr. Wheeler’s family, friends, teachers, administrators, and board members were present at the event to support him. 

Redwood High School Principal, Mrs. Erica Ehman said, "Mr. Wheeler is a teacher who students remember not only for his dynamic lessons and enthusiasm for learning, but because he approaches every student and every day with an urgent purpose.  He inspires our young adults to engage in the world around them, and he ensures that our students have the tools they need as adults. Mr. Wheeler is so very deserving of this acknowledgement of his hard work and impact as a teacher. All the students and staff at Redwood are proud to join in celebrating Mr. Wheeler's award of Alameda County Teacher of the Year."

Superintendent Parvin Ahmadi said, "Mr. Josh Theo Wheeler is a relentless advocate for students. He has an uncanny ability to engage, motivate, and encourage young people to take charge of learning.  His strong content knowledge, high expectations, masterful pedagogy as well as his ability to validate individual student's strengths and brilliance are what makes him an exemplary teacher and

 a change maker."

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