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Meet Our Staff

Erica Ehmann has been the Principal at Redwood High School for the past six years, and was an Assistant Principal at Castro Valley High School and Canyon Middle School before joining the awesome team at Redwood. Ms. Ehmann loves Redwood in that it is a caring, safe and calm school where students can learn and thrive. She listens to students and works collaboratively with students and families. Ms. Ehmann is always direct and honest with students, and makes sure everyone understands the high expectations she knows they will meet. 
When Ms. Ehmann isn't on campus, she loves spending time outside with her family. She also is an avid sports enthusiast, and tries to go to as many softball and basketball games as possible. 

Tony Stavropolous (“Mr. S”) has been teaching for twenty four years, and has worked at Redwood for the past year. Mr. S manages the Independent Study and Home Hospital programs, which offer kids alternatives to the traditional classroom.


Goal setting is the most important thing for Mr. S’s students, and he supports his students by making achievable short, mid, and long term goals. Mr. S loves that Redwood is small enough for the students and staff to really understand the student’s needs for success.

Outside of school, Mr. S loves to play music and see live music. We’re living in a golden age!

Matt Hassebrock currently teaches US History, Government, and Foods at Redwood. Mr. Hassebrock loves teaching at Redwood because our students constantly overcome huge obstacles. To help students continue learning at home, Mr. Hassebrock makes all classroom work available through Google classroom.


Mr. Hassebrock enjoys spending time with his wife and children. Their favorite family activities include hiking, hunting, riding horses, and are always looking for the next great book to read.

Joshua Wheeler is one of our newer teachers at Redwood, but has been teaching for twelve years. He loves how our school provides an academic, social, and emotional reset for students. Mr. Wheeler uses a variety of cooperative and creative strategies to engage our students, and provides constant one-on-one support. 
Mr. Wheeler is also a wrestling coach and competes in Brazilian Jui Jitsu. Mr. Wheeler was just awarded the Alameda County Teacher of the Year Award, and everyone at Redwood High School is so proud of him!
As a teacher of seventeen years, Kelly Abbott has chosen to work at Redwood High School because she loves the smaller campus and amazing students. With shorter days and caring staff, Ms. Abbott knows that Redwood can help students stay organized and remain focused on graduating. Ms. Abbott teaches Integrated Math 1 at Redwood, and is also the Math and Science content teacher at the Castro Valley Virtual Academy. 
Outside of school you will find Ms. Abbott exploring the great outdoors with her son and Kilda, Redwood's resident Therapy Dog. Hiking, camping, and sporting events are always favorites, and Ms. Abbott loves travelling internationally over the long summer breaks. 
Ninah Asuncion has been a high school counselor for seventeen years, and is in her 7th year at Redwood. As the counselor for our students, Ms. Asuncion believes that working together with students and families is essential for academic success. At Redwood, students are encouraged to plan beyond high school and explore their post high school options. Ms. Asuncion really feels that it's important to build positive relationships based on mutual trust and respect. 
Ms. Asuncion considers herself an urban homesteader, and loves to garden, knit, crochet, sew, and do many crafts. She loves spending time with her family, and her tortoise, Taco. 
Matt Hoffmann has been teaching at Redwood High School for twenty-one years, and teaches economics, virtual academy courses, credit recovery courses, and horticulture. When Mr. Hoffmann started at Redwood, he transformed a desolate concrete pad into our lush garden area full of trees, vegetable plans, and a green house. Our students have the opportunity to get their hands dirty and see their hard work come to fruition. 
Mr. Hoffmann offers support to our students by listening to them and not passing judgment. In his years of teaching, he has learned that our students often give themselves the best advice after being able to speak candidly with their teachers. 
Ray Villegas has been a teacher for over twenty years, and has spent his last 13 years at Redwood. Mr. Villegas always makes himself available for students, and he knows that when students get the help they need, they succeed. His goal at Redwood is to see every student graduate. 
Mr. Villegas teaches Integrated 2 and Integrated 3 math, as well as Physical Education. He also runs many after-school athletic clubs for students. When Mr. Villegas isn't at school, he loves to watch sports and play sports.
Khaleisheia Jones has been teaching at Redwood for seventeen years, and loves the diverse student population. Ms. Jones knows that Redwood is a school of choice for some students and a necessity for other students' success. She knows that the teachers and staff at our school make students feel welcome and comfortable. Ms. Jones wants her students to be able to reach her when not in class, and is available to students after school, by email, and through Google Classroom. 
Ms. Jones teaches biological science, forensic science, and runs our Cyber High program. Ms. Jones also teaches at the Castro Valley Adult School in the concurrent program. 
Mr. Bunn loves teaching English, Art, Graphic Design, and our Music Club at Redwood. He loves seeing students discover new inner strengths and interests and decide to focus on things that benefit them and the world around them. Mr. Bunn spends time in nature, and likes art, movies, comics, music, reading and writing.