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Principal's Message

Panther Pride


The dual meaning of this phrase has an important message that holds true here at Redwood High School. On a more literal level, Panthers in the wild are solitary by nature and do not live in ‘prides’ like lions. Contrary to this notion, our staff bring an infectious energy and enthusiasm to each learning environment and experience our students access. There is a strong sense of community, ownership, and pride that exists here. We are committed to ensuring that students develop confidence and renewed faith in their ability to academically succeed, build meaningful relationships with their peers and our staff, and upon graduation or transfer from our program have a strong sense of pride in what was accomplished during their time with us. We know that all students have the ability to learn, be self-aware, critical thinkers, who engage in the content and community that surrounds them. Redwood High School demonstrates daily and continued love of learning. We pride ourselves in providing a safe space for students to learn and grow, navigate their academia and multiple identities, learn from the perspective and experience of others around them, and make their own mark in our school community. So run with us or run from us, we are PANTHER PRIDE!


Principal Kahn