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Students can earn elective credits through our  External Learning Program.  Students are encouraged to do activities outside of class instruction for personal growth.  The extracurricular activity must be under supervision of a responsible adult.    

Extra Curricular Activities may include:

-Babysitting/being a caretaker of siblings or other individuals
-Taking fun classes in the community for personal growth
-Participating in sports programs 
-Volunteer work in the community.  Please note that students can volunteer for church activities, but cannot count worship time for hours.
-Work that is paid (but not officially on business payroll).  Credit earned will be based on 36 hours worked = 1 elective credit
-Learning specialized skills, participating in internship and/or other learning opportunity (e.g. student helping in a business/office of family or friend,    participating in college and/or career workshops, involvement in a community organization, etc.)  
If there are any questions, please contact the RHS counselor, Ms. Asuncion.